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Ok. So Paige is doing a giveaway! Woo Hoo! 

I have an extra copy of The 2011 Special Collectors Edition of Empire Magazine featuring Harry Potter!

After waiting over a month for the copy I ordered, I contacted Empire Magazine and pretty much was like “WHAT THE FUCK?! I WANT MY MAGAZINE!” So when they FINALLY replied they told me that they would send me a copy and it got here in a week. I thought, up until today that it was the second copy they sent to me. Today I recieved the second copy! So here I am with two copies!

The copy I am giving away is still in the plastic! It is a tad tad tad bent from where it was put in my mailbox but like I said it is still in the plastic and brand spanking new!

So here are the rules:

-You must reblog this. Likes do not count. And you may reblog it as many times as you would like.

-You do not have to be following me but you may if you would like! :)

-The contest will close Wednesday, August 31st. So a week from today!

-I will be using to help me to find who wins. I will just copy and paste all of the notes and click “choose” and that person will win.

-I will ship internationally. I will require your mailing details but I will delete it once the magazine has been sent. No creepin I promise.

I think that’s it! So Good Luck and God Speed and Happy Reblogging!

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